Are you struggling to manage your software license consumption? Do you have PVU, sockets or RVU licensing? Is your IBM software running in a virtual environment?

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a free tool created by IBM to help you measure and monitor software usage. ILMT is a mandatory tool for any company using IBM software in a complex environment, however, getting it up and running, and managing and analyzing the data it collects can be challenging.

If you need assistance setting up or managing ILMT, Clear Technologies software partner, All Blue Solutions, supports hundreds of clients with all different levels of experience with ILMT. All Blue Solutions has deep understanding of IBM software licensing terms and conditions and technical experience working with ILMT. This expertise allows them to help you with everything from installing, configuring, upgrading or managing the infrastructure.


  • Ensures Compliance:Proper use of ILMT allows you to maintain an up-to-date inventory of your software assets and ensure you have the appropriate number of license entitlements so you can maintain continuous license compliance.
  • Saves You Money:By constantly monitoring your license consumption, you can understand current and predict future consumption providing you with the opportunity to optimize your license costs so you’re only paying for the software you need.
  • Valuable Data Insights:ILMT provides you with deep insights into your software inventory to help manage your infrastructure. You always know what software, you have, where it is and how its being used.
  • Constant Audit Readiness:UsingILMT can help reduce the risk and costs associated with a software audit. By constantly monitoring your license consumption, you can avoid any unplanned license compliance settlements.


  • Installation & Configuration:Review of ILMT installation and agent configuration on all servers across the enterprise.
  • Quarterly Review:Run, maintain, and reconcilequarterly audit reports. Review reports to identify any variances between entitlements and usage.
  • Free Cloud Hosting:Free cloud hosting of ILMT server saving your staff significant time installing, upgrading, managing and maintaining the server.
  • Patching & Upgrades:ILMT environment patching and upgrades based in IBM release schedule, and upgrade, maintain and monitor ILMT on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about the benefits of ILMT and how Clear Technologies and All Blue Solutions can help ensure your software license compliance and mitigate risk download our whitepaper. Contact your Clear Technologies rep today!