Phil Godwin, COO, Reflects on 2018 for Clear Technologies

December 6, 2018

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End of Year 2018

The holidays are always a time to reflect.

As I sit back to reflect on the year that was 2018, there are two words that come to my mind: purpose and transformation.

We started off the year by celebrating our 25thanniversary on March 1, with many of you, at the biggest event we have held at Clear Technologies. Thank you to all 250 clients, partners and employees past and present who were able to join.  For those not there, we discussed how Clear Technologies was started primarily as an AS400 reseller, and while some still know us as just that, a majority of you know us for things far different. Our purpose has always the same – to provide meaningful value to our clients. As I said that night, it was a celebration of our past, but also an acknowledgement of our future and the company we want to be for the next 25 years.

We continued a busy month of March by attending IBM Think where I was asked to represent Clear Technologies on stage during the opening session and discuss our transformation from a niche reseller to creator of homegrown intellectual property, such as Visual Storage Intelligence which has enabled us to grow and expand our business.  We were also excited to be chosen as IBM Global Financing’s partner of the year at IBM THINK.  IGF has been a strategic piece of our business for many years, and the recognition of our team’s expertise in that arena is well-deserved.

In the spring, we were privileged to be selected as the winner of the Horizon Award for Outstanding Partner Performance from West, the Unified Communications service provider. Clear and West, as well as the Cisco team which was instrumental in our success, have enjoyed a great partnership over the past year, and the award was testament to hard work our team has put forth in growing our Cloud services practice.  As we continue to grow that practice the rest of this year and on into 2019, we look forward to more success in the collaboration, contact center, cloud, colo and connectivity space with West and other partners.

Another part of our continued transformation was the launch of our Artificial Intelligence and IOT practice, Clear Intelligence. Brian Murphy joined Clear as our Chief Innovation Officer and has overseen the development and growth of Clear Intelligence as we have started this new venture. Clear Intelligence started off the same way that Visual Storage Intelligence did – by trying to creatively solve our clients’ problems. Have you noticed a trend?

That is our purpose. By following our purpose, to provide meaningful value, we had a tremendous year including successes such as developing a solution which we submitted to IBM’s Watson Build Contest. Our solution was chosen as one of the 10 finalist. Out of hundreds of applicants worldwide that proposed a solution in the contest, many being software developers and large consulting organizations, Clear Technologies, a small business headquartered in Addison, Texas, which launched its practice, Clear Intelligence, this year beat them out to be named a finalist.  We are so very proud of our team for that and many other great achievements through the course of the year.

These are only a few of the major accomplishments that made this a year to remember. Whether it is the large accomplishments or the little daily wins, they all start with purpose. Sometimes we speak of transformation as a journey that eventually has an end when you reach your perceived goal or destination. However, the truth is I don’t think our transformation will ever reach a “conclusion.” That is because our purpose is to provide meaningful value to our customers, and your needs will change. The technology you need will change. The problems you need solved will change. Our purpose will not change, and we will continue to transform so that we can provide the valuable solutions you need most. Happy Holidays! And we look forward to continuing to be your partner of choice in 2019.



Phil Godwin

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