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Are you spending hours assessing, compiling and analyzing your storage environment? Finding it hard to predict current storage and future storage usage? Visual Storage Intelligence ® can quickly help you map out your SAN storage utilization, configuration and free space.

VSI is a SaaS solution that provides a visual health analysis of your SAN environment in minutes. Without installing anything VSI provides a true in-depth storage analysis without the need of training or agents. VSI eliminates the complexity and costs of data reporting and even works in a multi-vendor environment. VSI supports a wide range of storage systems including IBM, EMC, HPE and NetApp. The primary benefits of utilizing Visual Storage Intelligence are:

  • Reduce and eliminate manual effort required to gather, analyze and integrate host, storage and physical settings within your SAN environment
  • Provide system and individual host/storage group management and reporting
  • Improve data availability across the enterprise
  • Avoid potential issues caused by incorrect SAN configuration or organization
  • Save time, money, and improve efficiency

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