As a value added reseller, Clear Technologies provides expertise around server, storage , and software products to provide technical IT solutions to our clients.


Clear Technologies delivers a comprehensive range of servers that provide the building blocks of simpler, more integrated infrastructures.  Our team stands ready to meet your hardware implementation needs (More Servers solutions…)

Network Solutions

Network solutions improve business productivity by enhancing the delivery of applications and services, allowing real-time reductions in costs, simplify storage infrastructure, protect vital assets, and respond faster to business opportunities. (More Network Solutions…)

  • Solutions We Build
  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure
  • Application Delivery
  • Wireless

Security Solutions

It’s no longer just about just managing “the risk”. It’s about business innovation and growth. (More Security Solutions…)


Clear Technologies has over two decades of experience with several software technologies.  We have dedicated teams of certified account executives, solution architects, product specialists and software consultants. (More Software solutions…)

Converged Solutions

IT consulting is a key service provided by Clear Technologies. We focus on working with customers to integrate strategy, operations and processes into cohesive, responsive systems that deliver strategic advantages.


Clear Technologies supports a wide range of storage solutions from IBM, Scale, and NetApp. (More Storage Solutions…)

Why Clear?

For nearly 25 years, Clear Technologies has serviced over 300 companies. By integrating the strategy, operations, and processes of clients, Clear’s unique approach transforms infrastructures into responsive systems that deliver strategic advantages. Our solutions improve service, enhance flexibility, ensure critical application performance, enable cognitive convergence, manage content, and reduce costs. As a trusted partner who will help improve both your technology and your competitive edge we, with an integrated portfolio of products, deliver the customized performance and flexibility you need to manage growth and respond to new opportunities.