Compute Solutions 

Working with a wide range of technology computing solutions, our consultants help clients develop unique infrastructure solutions that meet their business needs.  Whether we are developing a cost-optimized, agile infrastructure solution, or designing an ultra-high performance Artificial Intelligence platform, our consultants can build a solution to fit any budget. | Customize Your Solution 

Converged / Hyperconverged

Spend Less.  Get More.  What could be simpler?  By combining Compute, Storage, Networking, and Virtualization resources into a single solution, Hyperconverged Infrastructure Technology (HCI) provides efficiency, agility, and resiliency to nearly all applications.  

IBM Power Systems

Enterprise Class.  Enterprise Speed.  For over 25 years, IBM Power Systems have been a standard for businesses – banking, finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation.  Our consultants can design an infrastructure architecture around IBM Power Systems that delivers availability, responsiveness, and performance for your most demanding enterprise applications.

GPU-Optimized Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence.  Turning Information into Insights.  Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing will create the Competitive Advantages for businesses in the 21st century.   Machine Learning, and its cousin Deep Learning, will be used by data scientists to unlock business insights and create first-mover competitive advantage for forward-thinking companies.  The vehicles that will deliver those insights quicker are GPU-Optimized computing infrastructures, revealing insights in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.

Converged and Hyperconverged Solutions

infrastructure solutionsGone are the days of IT silos.

Companies of all sizes are rapidly moving toward integrated, converged, and hypervconverged infrastructures.  Convergence has evolved from packaging existing components to the convergence of servers, networking, and storage.  The full stack of data center technologies combines storage building blocks, networking, and optimized predesigned computing.  All in an effort to reduce complexity, lower design cost, enable horizontal scalability and high levels of utilization.

A hyper-converged system allows integrated technologies to work as a single system through a common toolset.  This cross-pollinated approach is even more important given the growth of trends such as: mobility, social media, collaboration, the Internet of Everything (IoE), big data, emerging in-memory database technologies, and other scale-out applications needed to increase revenue.

Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructures
  1. SOFTWARE FOCUS: The software-based nature of hyperconvergence provides flexibility required to meet current and future business needs
  2. USE OF COMMODITY X86 HARDWARE: Commodity hardware equals lower cost and business enjoy better outcomes than legacy data center systems offer.
  3. CENTRALIZED SYSTEMS AND MANAGEMENT: In hyperconvergence, all components combine in a single shared resource pool with hypervisor technology
  4. ENHANCED AGILITY: Agility is a big deal in modern IT. Business expects IT to respond quickly as new needs arise.  Hyperconverged infrastructure enables IT to achieve positive outcomes much faster.
  5. SCALABILITY AND EFFICIENCY: Hyperconvergence is a scalable building-block approach that allows IT to expand by adding units.  As new resources are required, it’s easy to add nodes to a hyperconverged infrastructure.
  6. LOW COST: Hyperconverged systems have a low cost of entry compared with their integrated system counterparts.
  7. EASY AUTOMATION: Automation goes hand in hand with hyperconvergence with everything encapsulated in one nice, neat environment.
  8. FOCUS ON VMS: Hyperconverged infrastructure options use virtual machines (VMs) as the most basic constructs of the environment.
  9. SHARED RESOURCES: Hyperconvergence enables organizations to deploy many kinds of applications in a single shared resource pool without worrying about the dreaded IO blender effect.
  10. DATA PROTECTION: In a hyperconverged environments backup, recovery, and disaster recovery are part of the infrastructure.
Our team, working with our industry-leading technology partners, provide a range of converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Let us help you to achieve your integrated infrastructure systems milestone – to enable, deploy, and scale applications faster, drive the revenue, and reduce TCO risk. The sum really is greater than its parts.