Hyper-convergence enables Business Intelligence Virtualization

Business Intelligence Virtualizationbusiness intelligence virtualization

Business intelligence virtualization emerged as a response to the growing amount of data required to handle business intelligence, data analytics. Companies rely on business intelligence for day to day operations, which requires rapid and efficient access to data. Business Intelligence Virtualization helps simplify systems, improve efficiency, and help run more applications and use cases.  The rise of business intelligence virtualization is a result of several major computing and storage convergence trends.


A key result of business intelligence trend is that storage has migrated back onto application servers. Software-defined storage and its hype-cycle progeny represent the single most disruptive innovation in the modern history of computing.  Data centers today contain clusters of “compute” in the form of server platforms, and one or more monolithic storage arrays.

There’s backup software, de-duplicating backup appliances, replication platforms, and a few WAN accelerators.  Hyper-convergence infrastructures aim to bring many of these components under one umbrella.  Our partner, Cisco is one of the few providers that delivers the combination of all these components.

Our Solution

Clear Technologies provides hyper-convergence infrastructure solutions using Cisco components to bring increased speed and efficiency to companies’ IT system. Our solutions are scaled and expanded by adding additional nodes for specific functions.  Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions also provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective foundation for implementing a business intelligence virtualization solution.  Resources that were once consumed by daily operational tasks are now redirected to focus on higher valued tasks.  As convergence trends continue, promises of speed and efficiency will be realized with additional features and solutions becoming available.

Clear Technologies focuses on emerging and transformational technologies to make technology infrastructure a competitive advantage for customers.  Be sure to contact us and let our virtualization specialist help realize the benefits of business intelligence virtualization.