Network Infrastructure Solutions 

When your network isn’t working, you aren’t either. Network downtime is a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue each minute. That’s why the Clear Technologies Network Group architects secure, resilient networks that minimize downtime to keep your revenue source running and your business online. 

The Clear Technologies Network Group handles three types of projects:

Refresh of Existing IT Network

Custom Built Network Infrastructure

Network Security Solutions

Our network engineers have expertise in more than just network capabilities. They have extensive knowledge of systems and security as well as unified communications and can provide business-relevant networking solutions. Each team member understands business requirements and translates them into network solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

Network Capabilities:

  • Core networks for enterprise
  • Wireless networks for enterprise
  • Edge services for enterprise
  • Mobile edge networks: security, connectivity, increasing redundancies, and more

The diversified and broad-reaching Clear team helps you build more relevant networks and has the ability to work across all IT services. Our team stays up-to-date in the latest technologies by continuously updating their certifications for multiple manufacturers to design, architect, and deliver private cloud solutions as well as networking and defined data center solutions.

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Clear Technologies’ Approach to Network Solutions

Network solutions from Clear Technologies improve business productivity by enhancing the following areas:

  • delivery of applications and services
  • reducing costs.
  • simplify storage infrastructure
  • protect vital assets
  • respond faster to business opportunities

Our industry-certified professionals design and build network solutions based on a company’s needs.  Clear Technologies provides business an integrated foundation that is secure, solid, and compatible with future technologies. In today’s business environment, success requires delivering on the company’s vision more efficiently than ever before. Network solutions need to Drive operational excellence by constantly reexamining business processes and systems.  Improving the areas of productivity, agility, and business continuity while ensuring customer satisfaction and a positive experience overall.

A network is critical to meeting these business needs.  Let one of our certified professionals provide a network solution tailored for the company’s goals.


• Secure Access and Connectivity
• Business Continuity
• Service and Application Delivery
• Automated Management
• Infrastructure Consolidation and Utilization
• Communication Convergence and Real-Time Collaboration
• Network Management Solutions

LAN/WAN Infrastructure

• Design and Build LANs, WANs, and MANs
• Bandwidth Optimization and Quality of Service
• Multiprotocol Label Switching
• Optical Service Solutions
• VPN Infrastructure

Application Delivery

• WAN and Application Acceleration Solutions
• Network Load Balancing
• Server and Service Load Balancing
• Bandwidth Shaping


• Site-to-Site Wireless Bridges
• Building and Campus Solutions

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