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Clear Technologies supports a wide range of storage solutions from IBM, Scale, and NetApp.  Both IBM and NetApp support two-and-three tiered storage implementation. Our solutions include support for storage area network (SAN)  and fibre attached storage as well as network attached storage (NAS) for a broad range of server and networking environments. Our certified sales and consulting experts help companies of all sizes meet the demands of today’s business environment through our storage offerings and implementation services.  In addition, we are proud to offer a non-intrusive storage intelligence tool: Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI)

Storage consultants at Clear Technologies specialize in the storage solutions below

storage solutions

Flash Storage

Today’s industry trends reinforce the belief that the question for most storage professionals is not whether they should deploy flash storage, but how they should deploy it. Our team of unbiased experts are trained to help you make the most informed decision possible.

storage solutions

IaaS Cloud Solution

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps companies realize the benefits and efficiency of cloud based technology solutions.  Cloud computing uses servers and storage, rather than an organization’s internal infrastructure to process computational requests.

storage solutions

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage (NAS) continues to be a solution because it offers file-level access to the other computers across the LAN. In effect, a NAS appears to the client operating system as a file server, while a SAN appears to the client OS as a disk.

storage solutions

Storage Area Network

Clear Technologies, is authorized to sell and service a wide portfolio of storage, storage area network (SAN) solutions. With over two decades of experience, we have implemented hundreds of mission-critical storage infrastructure solutions for our customers.

storage solutions

Tape Systems

Tape continues to be the ultimate choice for cost-effective long term storage of unstructured data. This trend has been heightened by both big data and cloud computing.