Future-proofing IT services through reliable IT solutions

“Gone are the days of incapable and inflexible IT services. Our technical service offerings fill important gaps in the IT marketplace… a reliable security solution, hardware implementation plan or data back up service now exists for enterprise users who thought high-value IT services were beyond their reach.”

– Neil Clark, Senior Consultant at Clear Technologies™

Technical Services

Storage Services

Clear Technologies offers technical services and IT products specifically for various storage platforms including storage area networks, network-attached storage and tape-based systems. Combined with data backup and disaster recovery software:

Managed Services

Clear Technologies offers managed technical services and managed IT solutions that (More IT Infrastructure Management)

IT Security

Clear Technologies certified professionals offer a wide array of solutions (More IT Security)

Why Clear?

For nearly 25 years, Clear Technologies has serviced over 300 companies. By integrating the strategy, operations, and processes of clients, Clear’s unique approach transforms infrastructures into responsive systems that deliver strategic advantages. Our solutions improve service, enhance flexibility, ensure critical application performance, enable cognitive convergence, manage content, and reduce costs. As a trusted partner who will help improve both your technology and your competitive edge we, with an integrated portfolio of products, deliver the customized performance and flexibility you need to manage growth and respond to new opportunities.