IBM i Services

Using IT best practices, Clear Technologies provides specialized high availability, converged infrastructure, hardware implementation, collocated hosting, and disaster recovery solutions for your IBM i environment on Power Systems (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i). These IT services increase technical efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating your IBM systems.

Clear can perform an assessment of your existing iSeries infrastructure, management, security and processes to ensure your environment is best optimized  to meet your organizational needs.  Clear’s services typically save clients 40-70% in management costs, security issues, and break/fix cost avoidance.

Clear Technologies team of subject-matter experts have decades of experience managing IBM iSeries environments that can show a break-even point within 2 months and a positive ROI by month 3 in addition to offering significant added value such as Expert level skills and 24×7 monitoring.

Clear Technologies is offering an uptime and RTO Validation excercise designed to help your team improve their RTO forecasting and reliability. In 2 weeks Clear Technologies Consultants will evaluate your existing recovery plans and high availability capabilities, identify points of constriction and recommend corrections and improvements to drive faster RTO.

Clear Technologies is offering an iSeries Health Check that is designed to be a full iSeries environment review. Our customers have seen improvements in system health, storage optimization, security compliance, OS compatibility and upgrade planning. This approach has helped our customers reduce iSeries TCO by 20%.

iSeries DR/HA

Clear Technologies IBM Power i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) disaster recovery and high availibility services enable businesses to protect their critical IT environment from possible downtime through a flexible array of solutions.  From cost-effective cold site disaster recovery to fully managed, high availability implementations, Clear has an offering that meets client’s recovery point and recovery time objectives.


MIMIX is the premier high availability solution for IBM iSeries/AS/400 customers.  Clear Technologies has a team of experts that are not only certified on Vision MIMIX, but are described by Vision as some of the best consultants in the world.  Our MIMIX services include implementation, healthchecks, MIMIX Audits, role-swap services, and many more.

iSeries Health Check

Clear Technologies’ iSeries Health Check service is designed to be full i environment review for not only best practices, but also system health, storage optimization, security compliance, OS compatibility, upgrade planning, and more.

iSeries Managed Services

Clear Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of remote managed services for IBM i clients including remote administration, hosted iSeries, IBM i as-a-service, Disaster recovery (cold, warm, hot site Disaster Recovery), monthly service health checks, and more. Clear provides expert iSeries Managed Services and Administration resources at an improved price point with less worry and time spent managing to employee turn over. Our clients have typically seen 40% overall savings compared to internal staffing options. | Contact a Services Expert

iSeries Back Up & Recovery

If you needed to restore your iSeries from tape: Would it restore successfully? How long would it take?  Clear Technologies offers a suite of solutions around backup and recovery. With our very affordable Restore Verification service, Clear takes your tapes and attempts a restore in order to make sure your backup strategy works as intended.

iSeries Installation & Upgrades

Clear Technologies has a team of consultants who are experts in their fields and ready to assist with upgrades, implementations, and consultative planning as you refresh, grow or even plan to move off of your i environment.  Our team has experience with hundreds of clients across industries of many sizes that we leverage to ensure your transition goes smoothly, efficiently, and at a fair price.

iSeries Security

iSeries is inherently more secure than your typical open source environment. However, this does not mean you do not need to worry about Security on your i.  Clear Technologies offers security services to ensure you are on the latest security patches and audits for your environment to make sure any potential threats are mitigated.


Customers set the terms and conditions of the contracts.


Access data and applications 24/7.


Data and applications are expertly managed and stored.


Eliminate dollar and effort bottlenecks.


Data is protected, monitored, and easily recoverable.

Why Clear?

Clear Technologies has maintained a strong partnership with IBM since 1993.  With over 20 years of AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i experience, our dedicated team of IBM i consultants ensure rock-solid reliability, availability, and serviceability of your Power Systems. We offer high-value, reliable services that many of our current clients thought were initially too expensive or too complicated to implement into their organization.