Disaster Recovery 

MIMIX is the premier, high availability, data backup and disaster recovery solution for IBM iSeries/AS/400 customers.  Clear Technologies has the MIMIX experts to assist you in all aspects of using MIMIX to ensure your critical data, applications and critical system information are always available to your organization.

“MIMIX provides the iSeries high availability your business demands.  When we needed MIMIX expertise for IT security audits, database roll-swaps, and techical upgrades, we relied on the MIMIX data loss management functionality and iSeries IT experts from Clear Technologies.  Working with the Clear Technologies technical consultants, we were able to use MIMIX data replication features to upgrade to V7R1 and install new Power 7 hardware with virtually no downtime. – Sam Creech, IT Director, Transportation Industry, Dallas, Texas.


MIMIX Audit:   Our MIMIX technical experts evaluate over 40 data points that can negatively impact engaging your MIMIX data backup system in case of a database outage and provide corrective actions.

MIMIX Roll-Swap Tests:  It looks like MIMIX is implemented well and running fine.  The MIMIX audit indicates all is well.   However, there is nothing like testing to ensure you can successfully swap to your backup system in case of an outage.  Our experts will assist you in scheduling and conducting a roll-swap test and provide corrective actions if required.

MIMIX Upgrades:  Our MIMIX experts can assist you in keeping your MIMIX software up to date.

MIMIX On-Call:  Clear Technologies MIMIX experts can provide regular administrative support for your MIMIX environment as well as respond to any unplanned MIMIX issue.

MIMIX Implementation:  Don’t have MIMIX?  Looked at it once and thought it was too expensive?   Have you evaluated the costs per hour if your system if down?  If you have mission critical applications running on IBM iSeries, you should take another look at MIMIX.  Costs and implementation options have changed.  Our Clear Technologies team can help you evaluate the total costs and benefits of implementing MIMIX to provide high availability protection for your iSeries applications.  Not only does MIMIX provide protection against a system outage, but MIMIX roll-swap features can also be used to maintain application access during planned maintenance windows.