Power System Disaster Recovery

Clear Technologies is devoted to helping customers protect their business against disasters.  For IBM Power Systems infrastructures, there are multiple levels of protection that Clear Technologies offers.  The two most important factors in determining a Disaster Recovery plan are the Recovery Point Object (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTP).  Whether requiring real-time failover with replication or point-in-time recovery from media, Clear Technologies has a solution to accommodate your infrastructure.

  • Hot Site
    • IBMi Logical Replication – Utilizing Vision Solutions Logical Replication products (MIMIX/iTERA), Clear Technologies aids customers  to maintain a hot-backup copy of their environment.  By utilizing remote journaling we ensure that our customers’ HA/DR environment is identical to their production environment.  Whether requiring hardware in existing infrastructure or a remotely-hosted environment, Clear Technologies has a variety of Hot Site Solutions to meet customer needs.
    • AIX Replication – PowerHA SystemMirror (HACMP) software provides redundancy and high availability in IBM AIX environments.  PowerHA SystemMirror protects AIX environments with either active or passive configurations between systems in the cluster.  Whether simple two node environments or multi-site clusters, Clear Technologies designs and implements solutions to protect live customer data.
  • Warm Site
    • For environments requiring recovery infrastructure, Clear Technologies pre-configures hardware and software settings for warm-site recovery.  Some organizations require minimal downtime after the declaration of a disaster (without the need for hot-data protection).  In order to meet these customer requirements, Clear Technologies reduces the recovery time of a disaster by configuring hardware/software settings prior to the declaration of a disaster (removing the configuration time from a recovery).  As soon as the disaster is declared, the warm-site is already prepared and recovery can begin immediately.
  • Cold Site
    • Some business require protection against disasters without requiring immediately available equipment.  In order to protect these customers, Clear Technologies archives customer backup media while ensuring hardware is reserved for recovery.  In the event of a disaster, comparable hardware will be configured and the customer data will be recovered from media for remote accessibility.

iSeries Disaster Recovery

Clear Technologies IBM Power (System i, iSeries, AS/400) Disaster Recovery (DR) solution enables businesses to protect their business critical, IT environment from catastrophic loss.

The Challenge
IT departments are constantly under pressure to prepare for disasters and major outages (flood, fire, tornado, etc.) which could leave their IBM Power (System i, iSeries, AS/400) systems unavailable for an extended period of time.

  • Most IT departments have backup tapes, but where do they restore their environment to get IT back ups supporting the organization?
  • If they have a disaster recover or “DR” site, will they have technical expertise to execute the disaster recovery switch plan?
  • Has their switch plan been tested? How do they know they can recover from a disaster?

Clear Technologies Solution
For over two decades, Clear Technologies has assisted organizations protect their IBM Power (System i, iSeries, AS/400) assets. Today, our iSeries Disaster Recovery & Cold Site Service gives our clients the ability to ensure their business will be up and going in case of a disaster.

cloud_computingOur iSeries Disaster Recovery & Cold Site Service includes:

  • In case an emergency is declared, Clear Technologies will provide access to an iSeries system capable of running customer workload with up to 200 VPN users within 12 hours.
  • From receipt of the latest customer backup tapes, a restored working customer environment will be available to customer end users within 18 hours of the disaster.
  • Clear Technologies will also:
    • Document the disaster recovery / DR switch plan
    • Conduct initial plan switch test and provide additional tests once per year.
    • Clear iSeries Technical resources will be on site to assist customer during emergency.
  • Minimum contract term 36 months.

Why Clear?
Clear’s iSeries experience and expertise gives us the flexibility to provide a robust and affordable solution to small and medium size businesses. We understand many customers don’t have the expertise, time and/or budget to deploy complex/expensive solutions. Read More.

Here’s how we compare to other DR/Cold Site providers:
Clear Solution

  • Document the disaster recovery switch plan
  • Conduct initial plan switch test and provide additional tests once per year.
  • Clear iSeries Technical resources will be on site to assist customer during emergency.


  • No technical assistance
  • No assistance creating the switch plan
  • No switch plan tests