Data Recovery – A Key to Cold Site Disaster Recoverynew_server2

Disaster Recovery planning for IBM iSeries must account for the need to rapidly recover critical data. Planning for systemic failure or natural disasters are key parts of a business continuity strategy. Clear Technologies provides a comprehensive, cold site, disaster recovery solution for IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems.

Effective Disaster Recovery Planning includes:

• Data recovery plan
• Regular system and data backups
• Recovery and switch testing
• Physical infrastructure to act as a backup environment in case of system failure

Stephen DeCampos, Vice President Professional Services provides these recovery tips from his article “After the Flood”:

Tips For Successful Disaster Recovery

Plan in advance of a disaster: Good recovery plans need to include a Disaster Recovery strategy, a backup infrastructure, and a data recovery procedure.

Test the plan: Companies need to test their Disaster Recovery plans to validate its data recovery effectiveness. We recommend annual Disaster Recovery testing, including the documentation of issues encountered and lessons learned.

We also suggest these simple verification tests to ensure data recovery plans are ready for implementation in case of disaster or downtime.

Backup Verification Tests For Data Recovery

CHECKSUM: Validate the integrity of the data.
VERIFYONLY: Ensure that the backup file is locatable and readable.
RESTORE: An actual restore test of the information on the backup.
CHECKDB: Ensure that data backed up from the database is intact.

Cold Site Service – The Economical Alternative

Disaster Recovery solutions can be set up on either a hot site or a cold site. Cold sites are an economical alternative for recovery plans. Clear Technologies offers cold site hosting services that provide support for IBM iSeries systems. This subscription-based service grants customers access to specialized IBM iSeries equipment for use in the event of a disaster, or for the purpose of data recovery testing.

IT consultants at Clear Technologies can help clients develop their Disaster Recovery and data recovery plans and assist with recovery testing to validate the plan. Clear Technologies has data recovery experts ready to work on your iSeries Cold Site needs.