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Clear Technologies certified consultants offer a wide array of IT Security solutions in order to resolve any existing issues, secure your systems, meet regulatory requirements, protect your data, and more.  Our IT Security consultants work with you to determine the vulnerabilities and financial impact a disruption can have on your business.  Our consultants can help you determine and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy for your business.  We are dedicated to helping you with your IT security related projects, and resolve any potential unprotected areas of your environment.

During the assessment phase we will determine your security vulnerabilities.  In the design phase we integrate your business and IT priorities into a comprehensive security solution.  Lastly with a keen awareness of your ever-changing business requirements, we will implement and, if needed manage an impenetrable solution for you.

Pen Test

Security Penetration Test. External Intrusion Testing and Analysis identifies security strengths (more…)

iSeries For Business

Security Level 40

For System i, IBM has stated that any value of QSECURITY less than 40 is not secure.  (more…)

Remote Security Administration

Remote Security Administration helps to optimize resource utilization, systems issues, (more…)