Security Level 40

IBM recommends Security Level 40. It states that for servers running System i, any QSECURITY value less than 40 is not secure. Out of the 197 systems reviewed, 32% of those systems only had a security level of 30 or less. IBM recommends that security setting should be at level 40 or higher because of well-known exposures at security level 30.

security level 40Clear Technologies Solution

The Clear Technologies services team will:

  • Enable the Security Audit Journal on your System i if it is not already active.
  • Analyze the Security Audit Journal to determine if applications are compatible with security level 40.
  • Deliver a report that lists any application programs that have integrity exposures that would fail at security level 40.
  • Offer assistance with applications identified as having integrity exposures.
  • Change the QSECURITY system value to level 40 and restart (IPL) the System i.
  • Provide support after the security increases to security level 40.
  • Be available to assist with any issues that are found as a result of changing to security level 40.

Obtain additional integrity protection without affecting system performance.
Plug level 10, 20, and 30 security holes.