Managed Technical Services

Clear Technologies offers managed services around a multitude of platforms and applications, providing our clients comprehensive support and services at a competitive cost.  Clear provides ongoing technical management of systems and software, cloud-based infrastructure and services, and best-of-breed solutions that ease management and lower costs. Clear Technologies has been providing world-class services to its clients for over 20 years and continues to do so as organizations and information technology rapidly change. 

Industry Leading Solutions

Business Continuity

Clear Technologies’ IT consultants are experts in business continuity. We can help ensure access to your key systems and business critical data as well as ease the migration to new platforms and workloads.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Clear Technologies portfolio helps to not only protect client’s environments, but provide greater flexibility. Clear’s ample suite of disaster recovery and business resiliency solutions include services for servers, storage, network, visualization, cloud, and full datacenter recovery.

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Hosting Services

Clear Technologies provides a full-range of hosted infrastructure services for disaster recovery, archive, and even production workloads. Clear offers flexible services for long-term and short-term needs.

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 IT Support Services

Clear Technologies offers a number of IT Support Services for enterprises. Whether clients are migrating platforms, initiating a new workload, or in need of resources to backfill a project, Clear’s knowledgeable consultants can assist.

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Remote Systems Management

Clear Technologies’ dedicated team of experts provide a comprehensive array of remote systems management options including server, storage, and network management. Our remote administration and management services bring world-class resources to all our clients.

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Virtual Data Resiliency Services

Data lives not only on physical platforms, but also on virtual platforms that need to be protected. Our services include VM replication for HA/DR needs, VM migration for moving site-to-site quickly and easily, and services for cloud

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Why Clear?

For nearly 25 years, Clear Technologies has serviced over 300 companies. By integrating the strategy, operations, and processes of clients, Clear’s unique approach transforms infrastructures into responsive systems that deliver strategic advantages. Our solutions improve service, enhance flexibility, ensure critical application performance, enable cognitive convergence, manage content, and reduce costs. As a trusted partner who will help improve both your technology and your competitive edge we, with an integrated portfolio of products, deliver the customized performance and flexibility you need to manage growth and respond to new opportunities.