Storage Services

Clear Technologies offers technical storage services and storage products for various storage platforms (SAN, NAS, Tape) and software based solutions. With over 200 years of combined storage management expertise, Clear Technologies has become an industry leader. Our leadership includes the management of and assessment of Storage Area Networks (SANs) including the creation of our Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) SAN assessment tool.

Storage Management

Clear Technologies engineers support a variety of customer storage environments with remote administration, staff augmentation, and performance monitoring/reporting through innovative tools like Visual Storage Intelligence.

Storage Replication

Clear Technologies engineers can support your needs whether it be creating a new Disaster Recovery storage replication strategy, hosting cloud storage, or providing technical expertise for your Disaster Recovery test.

Storage Implementation  

Clear Technologies technical specialists provide expertise in storage architecture design and implement your unique designs according to industry-standard best practices.

Storage Area Network Assessment

The complexity in storage environments is growing. IT departments are spending hours assessing, compiling, and trying to predict current and future storage usage. Using Visual Storage Intelligence®, Clear provides clients with a single, cross-platform view of the most critical storage management performance metrics, including storage free space, storage array capacity management, health analysis and much more.

Clear Storage Consultants using Visual Storage Intelligence® help you locate orphaned space, decrease application response time complaints, and identify right-size storage for business critical applications.

Back Up & Recovery

From planning to infrastructure, a comprehensive backup recovery offering protects the value of your infrastructure through backup recovery. Clear Technologies’ consultants can assist your organization with managing and implementing Storage Back Up & Recovery.

In addition to our assessment expertise, we are recognized for our development, execution and management of comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for all your technical storage environment.