In the fast-paced world of technology today, IT departments have to be more responsive and adaptable to their business needs, particularly as it relates to server provisioning.  Adding a new server into an environment is no longer an irregular occurrence – it’s a task that most businesses are requesting weekly, if not daily; whether it is to replace aging hardware, or to add new infrastructure for growing or changing workloads. The problems however are not knowing where to since there are hundreds of server hardware options, inconsistent architecture in environments are difficult and costly to manage, and should a physical or virtualized server be chosen? We can help you navigate through something as easy as a single server implementation, or a re-architecture of your existing environment to ensure that you are using the correct hardware for your specific business needs, your new infrastructure can scale to respond to business requirements, and you are reducing your management overhead through a standard architecture. Additionally, we can help you assess whether or not a particular workload or environment would be better suited as a virtual environment, as opposed to a physical stand-alone server.