Think 2019 Preview – 10 Sessions to Look Forward To

Feb 06, 2019

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IBM Think 2019 is around the corner! Think is IBM’s flagship conference, focused on delivering the technical training, certifications, expertise, and networking opportunities customers need to stay ahead. Think 2019 is the place where IBM unveils and presents the technologies it feels will help transform customer’s IT environments. Below are some of the scheduled sessions that we feel will help lead customers into the future:

Digitizing the Flow of Goods, Information and Money with Blockchain

Early adopters have built blockchain networks to re-wire their existing processes and transactions. Networks across banking, financial markets, insurance, retail, consumer goods and others have moved into production and are realizing business value. The vision of these networks is to fully connect the flow of goods to information to money to form efficient networks to automate business processes in global trade. Leaders in the blockchain industry are realizing this vision today, including the leader of a dozen major European banks, a pioneer of a food safety network, a consumer goods leader and the team that is building a payments network.

The Multicloud Enterprise: Deliver Data Management and Availability with Veeam and IBM

Join Veeam for a discussion on how the senior datacenter executive’s job is changing from delivery to an IT business role. Bit by bit, the landscape, infrastructure and processes that we utilize will broaden to support a federated, multicloud world, where on-premises as well as a mix of private, managed, public and SaaS clouds are the new norm. Intelligent data management and availability must adapt to meet new business expectations. Veeam and IBM solutions can help. Join us to discuss: Why are our environments and requirements changing, and what do the new realities look like? What is a sound approach to intelligent data management and improved availability? How can Veeam and IBM solutions meet the needs of today and tomorrow?

Out-of-the-Box Blockchain Solution Acceleration Platform for Supply Chain

After years of working with top clients to deploy scalable supply chain solutions like IBM Food Trust, IBM has developed a rich set of capabilities around building Blockchain-based supply chain solutions. These capabilities, served through an API platform, address supply chain network requirements such as ecosystem onboarding, multi-party document workflow, asset provenance, invoicing, etc. Clients and partners can develop unique solutions to address ecosystem-wide requirements or individual needs as part of a supply chain network. This session introduces the value, capabilities and architecture of these assets, and showcases how they are used in some of IBM’s Blockchain solutions like IBM Food Trust and Blockchain Invoicing for TradeLens.

All Together Now: Building a Multicloud Strategy with IBM Power Systems

Industry experts and leading CIOs agree: Enterprises should pursue a hybrid or “multicloud” strategy to ensure they will have the agile, secure, high-performing and cost-effective IT resources necessary for future growth, innovation and competitiveness. But how to put all the pieces together? This session shares how clients can leverage multiple clouds and architectures in the cloud, including IBM Power Systems-based VMs, containers and GPUs in IBM Cloud, to deliver the best digital experiences from a heterogeneous, multicloud strategy.

Nutanix Basics: Unify AIX and Linux Infrastructure and Cut Deployment and Management Time by 50%

Enjoy fresh levels of simplicity in provisioning, managing and running your AIX and Linux environments on a common datacenter infrastructure. Learn how IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix converges compute, storage and virtualization into standardized building blocks that build a foundation for your private cloud. This infrastructure can start small and then seamlessly grow to handle the most demanding workloads, from midsized companies to the world’s largest corporations.

Building Computing Architecture for the Era of Multicloud and AI

A “cloud-first” strategy drives efficiency and competitiveness. But as organizations deploy more demanding, data-intensive workloads like in-memory databases, predictive analytics and AI in a cloud environment, most infrastructure hits a wall when it comes to performance. Learn how “purpose-built” infrastructure and co-optimized software can help you overcome these challenges, accelerate your journey to multicloud and drive performance for cutting-edge workloads like AI.

What’s New and What’s Next for AI in Watson Supply Chain Solutions

IDC projects that the application of artificial intelligence (AI) will increase cost efficiencies by up to 10%. Already, AI capabilities in IBM Supply Chain Insights (SCI) and Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI) are driving dramatic efficiencies and optimizing decision-making for clients across industries. Join us to hear their stories and learn how we’re extending the value of SCI and BTI with new capabilities, such as anomaly detection in supply chain processes, leveraging conversational analytics for response management and automatic creation of supply chain playbooks. We’ll also discuss our product roadmap and vision for integrating with solutions for Blockchain, sourcing, inventory, order management and optimization.

Learn about IBM’s Storage Solutions for Data-Driven Businesses

We live in a data-driven world, and it’s getting more data-driven by the day. IDC reports that “By 2020, 50% of the Global 2000 will see the majority of their business depend upon having ability to create digitally enhanced products, services and experiences.” To face all these challenges, the right infrastructure matters—storage matters. Hear how IBM provides the most comprehensive portfolio of storage products to help you prepare for a data-driven future.

IBM Storage Solutions for IBM Blockchain

Blockchain is becoming a disruptive technology in payments, logistics, medicine or anywhere a trusted, immutable ledger with provenance is required. But finding hard numbers on the storage required for on-chain data for Hyperledger blockchains is difficult, due to the newness of the technology and a lack of documentation from organizations using Blockchain in daily operations. IBM has recently announced an end-to-end, storage-to-compute, on-premises Blockchain solution for your distributed peer. Come hear about the latest IBM storage solutions specifically for Blockchain, including use cases and storage impacts.

How IBM PowerAI Vision Brings AI within Reach

Computer vision applications—from autonomous driving to automated inspection to clinical diagnosis—increasingly rely on complex neural models. But many researchers and developers are not able to take advantage of these powerful tools because of a gap in deep learning skills. In this discussion, you’ll learn how IBM PowerAI Vision streamlines the process of developing computer vision and AI applications by providing a powerful, integrated development environment from data preparation to guided model development to inference deployment.

If you’re attending Think 2019 be sure and stop by the TechData booth, say hi to our team and check out whats new with Visual One Intelligence™.