alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile


This occurred after I created a clone of existing system, ultimately with the intent to test upgrade, and brought up a test lpar on the newly created clone. I also enabled ghostdev to eliminate it coming up with same IP, vgs, etc.


I wanted to update rootvg by cloning and updating the clone at the same time. When executing the command it just hung

# alt_disk_copy -b update_all -l /mnt/7232 -B -d hdisk1
Calling mkszfile to create new / file.
^CCleaning up.


I learned that this was a by product of having the original systems /etc/filesystems file that still had the cloned systems filesystems in it. I have learned in the past, and failed to do so this time, that when cloning a system like this to make a copy of /etc/filesystems, remove all non-rootvg entries in the original before making the clone. Then of course copy the original back into place post clone creation. Once I removed the additional entries the command ran just fine.