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Virtual Media Repository lost after VIOS 3.1x upgrade

The problem is after upgrading your VIOS using the viosupgrade tool, IF your media repository resides on rootvg, which is often the case, it will no longer exist post upgrade. So you can either move it to non-rootvg disks, or save off/copy it's contents elsewhere and recreate it after the upgrade. I did find additional details on this and it is available at:  

3004-010 Failed setting terminal ownership and mode

3004-010 Failed setting terminal ownership and mode Hopefully you or someone else is only encountering this while trying to login to an AIX system. If you already have a login session open on the system it may be an easy fix, if you don’t, and NO ONE else does either, it’s a bit more complicated. Backstory This is based on a real world customer experience [...]

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile Backstory This occurred after I created a clone of existing system, ultimately with the intent to test upgrade, and brought up a test lpar on the newly created clone. I also enabled ghostdev to eliminate it coming up with same IP, vgs, etc. Problem I wanted to update rootvg by cloning and updating the clone at the same time. When executing [...]

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