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3004-010 Failed setting terminal ownership and mode

3004-010 Failed setting terminal ownership and mode Hopefully you or someone else is only encountering this while trying to login to an AIX system. If you already have a login session open on the system it may be an easy fix, if you don’t, and NO ONE else does either, it’s a bit more complicated. Backstory This is based on a real world customer experience [...]

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile Backstory This occurred after I created a clone of existing system, ultimately with the intent to test upgrade, and brought up a test lpar on the newly created clone. I also enabled ghostdev to eliminate it coming up with same IP, vgs, etc. Problem I wanted to update rootvg by cloning and updating the clone at the same time. When executing [...]

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