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Disabling telnet in AIX or VIOS

Disabling telnet, and ftp for that matter,  is a very common procedure because of their inherit security flaw(s). In a nutshell it requires commenting them out in /etc/services by putting a # in front of the corresponding line. Then update inetd by running refresh -s inetd. So I put together this quick little video to demonstrate. In this one it happens to be on a [...]

JVM memory bug in HMC V9R2M950

We had a customer run into this bug. Their HMC has 7 POWER9 Managed systems and 150 LPARs with Simplified Remote Restart enabled. This is resulting in rebooting the HMC about every 10 days while on Details below came from the following link. So always check the link for updated information. Problem Navigating the HMC Enhanced UI can result in the page displaying the following [...]

VIOS 3.1x upgrade issues

There is a known problem after upgrading your VIOS using the viosupgrade tool. IF your media repository resides on rootvg, which is often the case, it will no longer exist post upgrade. So you can either move it to non-rootvg disks, or save off/copy it's contents elsewhere and recreate it after the upgrade. I did find additional details on this and it is available at: [...]

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile

alt_disk_copy hangs on mkszfile Backstory This occurred after I created a clone of existing system, ultimately with the intent to test upgrade, and brought up a test lpar on the newly created clone. I also enabled ghostdev to eliminate it coming up with same IP, vgs, etc. Problem I wanted to update rootvg by cloning and updating the clone at the same time. When executing [...]

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