Clear Technologies has been working with clients with Power Systems environments for 25 years through various incarnations such as AS/400, iSeries, RS/6000 and now IBM i and AIX. This experience and background, along with in-house subject matter experts, has driven a strong part of Clear Technologies’ business.  Today, Clear still provides the same industry leading solutions to clients but has added other avenues to consume those solutions beyond just on-premises hardware.

Clear Technologies provides clients with infrastructure through capital expenditure that the client owns as well as a service through our IBM Power Infrastructure as a Service offering.  Clear’s hosted infrastructure services are available for production hosting, disaster recovery, archive and more.  We offer flexible short-term contracts for those migrating off of i or AIX as well as long-term contracts for those that would like to not have to worry about that environment ever again.  Clear also offers the capabilities to add VMware virtual machines and even physical hardware to the environment for those companies that need reporting and other applications close to their Power environment.

In addition to Power as a Service, Clear can provide the IBM i and AIX Managed Services to proactively support, monitor and administrate the systems allowing your team can get back to your core business while having best-of-breed skills managing your key infrastructure.  Clear’s comprehensive remote systems management service offers 24×7 monitoring and alerting and can incorporate your daily, weekly and monthly systems processes into a service we would perform.

Finally, Clear provides many other services around those environments to decrease risk and increase efficiency. These services include High-Availability Replication targets (Hot Site), Cold and Warm Site, Tape Restore Verification, VTL to Cloud backup, and many more.

If you would like to hear more about the full suite of Cloud, Hosting and Managed Services Clear Technologies provides for IBM Power clients, please contact your Clear representative today.