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iSeries Back Up & Recovery

It’s well known that businesses run their most crucial applications on iSeries boxes. iSeries users have been frustrated with the rising cost and lack of flexibility offered for iSeries Back Up and Recovery.  Some of the biggest complaints include inflexible vendors as well as expensive and restrictive contracts for iSeries back up and iSeries recovery.

Clear Technologies iSeries Recovery Services fills an important gap in the marketplace. Clear Technologies offers a reliable solution for iSeries users who thought remote backup and recovery and other high value cloud management services were beyond their reach.

Some of the features and benefits of the iSeries Recovery Services ™ include:

  • High-flexibility- customers set the terms and conditions of the contracts
  • High-availability – access data and applications 24/7
  • High-efficiency – your data and applications are expertly managed and stored
  • High-predictability – eliminates dollar and effort bottlenecks
  • High-assurance – data is protected, monitored, and easily recoverable

If you needed to restore your iSeries from Tape:  Would it restore successfully?  How long would it take?

Restore Verification enabled us to see gaps in our current backup plan, providing us with the intelligence we needed to increase our ability to restore current information and cut down our restore time.

Director of IT Infrastructure, Texas County Government

Of course, you have an iSeries backup strategy implemented. But if you had to restore your iSeries systems from your backup tapes, are you sure the restore would work? A Storage Magazine reader survey found that 77% of IT shops that tested their backup reported that their tape backups failed to restore completely.

The worst time to discover your backup tapes will not completely recover your system is when you actually NEED to recover. Additionally, even if you can restore successfully, will the time to complete the restore be acceptable? The iSeries Restore Verification offering from Clear Technologies can help ensure your backups will provide the protection you need to successfully recover your iSeries within an acceptable time frame.

iSeries Restore Verification Offering:
The iSeries Restore Verification Offering engages Clear Technologies certified iSeries consultants who will:

  • Audit your current iSeries environment.
  • Perform a complete restore/recovery of your iSeries environment to equipment in a Clear Technologies data center.
  • Document any restore problems and recommended corrections.
  • Document the time to restore your iSeries environment.
  • Provide a report detailing recommendations to improve your backup and restore processes.
  • Provide you VPN access for up to 7 days to your restored environment on Clear iSeries equipment to test your restored applications.

Clear Technologies Restore Verification offering supports iSeries environments running i5OS versions 5, 6, or 7 with up to 10TB of disk. Prices start at $2,500.00.


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