PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX


IBM PowerHA SystemMirror (formerly known as HACMP – High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing) provides solutions that maintain high availability, while making the IT environment simpler and more flexibile to respond to changing needs. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror in brief:

  • Simple to manage yet ultra reliable
  • World-class, 24×7 clustering technology with IBM advanced systems technologies
  • Allows for cluster upgrades and system maintenance without interrupting operations
  • Offers multiple recovery and data replication methods
  • Monitors, detects and reacts to hardware and software problems
  • Can be configured to react to hundreds of system events
  • Can move services, users, applications & data to backup systems during scheduled maintenance
  • Simple to configure and flexible to maintain.
  • Key to implement and meet your availability level targets
  • Significantly reduces planned and unplanned outages

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror editions in brief:

  • PowerHA SystemMirror Standard Edition provides high availability in implementations where all cluster nodes can access the same disk storage subsystem.
  • PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition provides high availability in implementations where cluster nodes are geographically dispersed.

For more information see the PowerHA overview

Latest News & Updates

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