[Career Opportunity] Hybrid Cloud Sales Specialist

Hybrid-Cloud Sales Specialist: Looking to make a dramatic change in our company’s strategic plans moving forward while taking advantage of one of the industry’s best commission plans?  If so, this position is for you. We are seeking a Hybrid-Cloud Sales Specialist to lead in the development of the technical solution or offering and in translating the business needs into technical requirements. The right person will be able to identify gaps, strategic impacts, financial impacts and the risk profile in the technical solution or offering and be able to relay these to clients and prospects.  As a Hybrid Cloud Sales Specialist, you’ll be constantly learning about new technologies and how they can be applied to solve enterprise challenges. Primary Responsibilities Play a [...]

[Career Opportunity] IT Services Manager

We’re searching for an energetic, and action-oriented leader to head up our IT consulting group. This management position is accountable for a group of client facing consultants. The head of consulting services is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of all consulting contracts as well as pre-sales engagements. This position will contribute to the development and execution of the company strategy. Primary Responsibilities Play a key role in building a cloud practice Lead and grow a team of consultants to support a client base of SMB to large enterprise clients Manage resource allocation between pre-sales support for the sales team and billable consulting engagements Provides strategic direction and oversight for the team to keeps up skills and ensure quality delivery [...]

[Career Opportunity] Marketing Manager Position

Job Description We are looking for a detailed and dedicated Marketing Manager to join our team in Addison, Texas for an in-office position. The Marketing Manager is responsible for executing e-mail and social media activities to generate leads to expand our B2B Reseller partner and customer base and increase our revenue by acquiring new customer accounts. Specific responsibilities include working with minimal supervision to leverage prospect, customer, partner lists to conduct live event, online event, and creative marketing activities. Other activities include outbound marketing, including email, SEO, copywriting/editing, graphic design, and videos to customers, prospects, partners, and media outlets. Other duties may be assigned where necessary. Requirements: 4-5 years B2B marketing experience. Sound understanding of marketing principles and correlation to ROI. [...]

Clone a PowerHA node from another

First, this is NOT, an officially supported process so use at your own risk. Backstory. I had a customer that corrupted their rootvg contents on their standby node after loading some additional packages and application updates. Trying to remove corrupted some libraries. Unfortunately they did not clone or create a mksysb prior to performing these actions. So we created a clone from their primary PowerHA node. Also know that prior to creating the clone, you can either enable the ghostdev parameter or use the "-O" flag when creating the clone to make it forget about things like hostname,ip, vgs, etc as shown in the video Note in this case the standby node was still up and running we just needed to [...]

Disabling telnet in AIX or VIOS

Disabling telnet, and ftp for that matter,  is a very common procedure because of their inherit security flaw(s). In a nutshell it requires commenting them out in /etc/services by putting a # in front of the corresponding line. Then update inetd by running refresh -s inetd. So I put together this quick little video to demonstrate. In this one it happens to be on a VIOS.

JVM memory bug in HMC V9R2M950

We had a customer run into this bug. Their HMC has 7 POWER9 Managed systems and 150 LPARs with Simplified Remote Restart enabled. This is resulting in rebooting the HMC about every 10 days while on Details below came from the following link. So always check the link for updated information. Problem Navigating the HMC Enhanced UI can result in the page displaying the following messages: Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /ui/sfp/. Reason: Error reading from remote server Symptom The HMC Enhanced UI becomes unusable soon after a reboot of the HMC with only a few hours or a few days of run time.  [...]

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