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7063-CR1 HMC Loses date after power outage

This is a weird one that we ran into here at Clear Technologies. Backstory Customer had planned prolonged power outage and after restoring power and booting the system it had lost it's date. It is very rare because it can only occur on certain days of the year, roughly 6 of them when power is turned off at the end of one month and turned back on the next month, even if that's just a couple hours apart. Truly a rare encounter for sure. Below is more details and fix to the problem.  

VIOS 3.1x upgrade issues

There is a known problem after upgrading your VIOS using the viosupgrade tool. IF your media repository resides on rootvg, which is often the case, it will no longer exist post upgrade. So you can either move it to non-rootvg disks, or save off/copy it's contents elsewhere and recreate it after the upgrade. I did find additional details on this and it is available at: There is another lessor known issue when upgrading and utilizing SEA and VLAN tagging. Details are here:

Red Hat Ansible Workshop

April 15th | 1 PM CDT Clear Technologies Red Hat Ansible Workshop Join us April 15th as we take a deeper dive into how Red Hat Ansible amplifies the impact of IT professionals by automating repetitive inefficient task, streamlining IT leading to an increase in revenue. Below is a sample of what will be covered during the workshop. The workshop will be designed around the specific instances that attendees want to see: Introduction to Ansible automation How Ansible works for network automation Understanding Ansible modules and playbooks Executing Ansible playbooks to: Make configuration changes Make routine changes Gather information (Ansible facts) Using Jinja to template network configurations Using Ansible Tower to scale automation to the enterprise [...]

Using AI Vision Technology for Quality Assurance

Transcript: It can be difficult to navigate what is real, what is possible, and what is just buzz when it comes to applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to everyday business challenges. At Clear Intelligence, we are focused on helping organizations improve quality by using AI and machine learning for visual inspection. More manufacturing companies are adopting AI and Machine Learning to reduce overall cost of production, improve employee safety and increase the quality of their products. For example, a current project in the rail car manufacturing business applies AI Vision to inspect the quality of welds. Adding AI Vision to their process removed manual inconsistencies, accuracy errors, and top down pressures to increase output. Clear Intelligence has created [...]

The Power of AI Vision Solutions

It can be difficult to navigate what is real, what is possible, and what is just buzz when to comes to applying Artificial Intelligence to everyday business problems.  We want to help you discover what is possible for AI in your business. Vision in Action In this video you will see an example of how a camera, backed by AI software, can identify discontinuities in steel plates. There are three steel plates – one with no discontinuities and two with different variations. We set up the model to use live inferencing on the camera attached to the robot arm. The camera, for this case, only took a picture once it sensed the robot arm stopped moving for a [...]

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