Hyper-convergence. Is it for you?

June 5, 2018

Rapid proliferation of applications and the increasing cost of maintaining legacy infrastructure causes significant IT challenges for many organizations. Complex manual processes and non-integrated infrastructure can’t provide the power, simplicity and speed necessary to meet the demands of the enterprise.

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Managing Unstructured Data

Most data growth (over 80% ) comes from unstructured data.  In this digital age where cell phones and remote devices of all kinds are capturing and storing information for later analysis, the digital data explosion is exponential.  So, managing this kind of data is critical.

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Employee Spotlight: Shu Mookerjee

June 2, 2018

Shu brings a technologist’s approach to clients, understanding and articulating how the latest technology will impact the key performance metrics and mapping I/T innovations directly to the customer’s business goals.

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IBM Power Managed Services

June 1, 2018

Clear Technologies has partnered with IBM on their Power Systems line of systems since Clear’s founding in 1993.  With over 25 years of experience, Clear Technologies brings the technical support resources that enable the right systems solution for your environment. 

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What is Managing Up and Why Should it Matter?

Managing up, or building smooth, productive relationships with higher-ups, requires understanding and adapting to your boss’s communication and decision-making style. The goal of managing up is to develop a pattern of interaction between your boss and you that delivers the best possible results for your organization (and by extension,...

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Brian Murphy Joins Clear as Chief Innovation Officer

May 3, 2018

Brian Murphy joined Clear Technologies in April 2018 as Chief Innovation Officer and Cognitive Practice Leader. In this role, Brian is focused on driving new business within the domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and analytics. Brian brings a business-first approach with conversations focused on solving business problems...

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Top Tweets: April-May 2018

May 2, 2018

Don’t have a twitter profile? That’s okay! Now you can keep up with Clear Technologies activity on twitter through our monthly newsletter. Below are our top tweets for April – May 2018. "Clear Technologies’ story is one of adaptation and transformation. Without a solid focus of concentrating on our...

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Clear Technologies Celebrates 25th Anniversary

April 16, 2018

“Clear Technologies’ story is one of adaptation and transformation. Without a solid focus of concentrating on our clients, we would not be here to celebrate our 25 years in business and the many great years to come,” said COO & President, Phil Godwin.

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Employee Spotlight: Melvin Eugene

April 9, 2018

Melvin Eugene joined Clear Technologies after a successful 28 year career in Sales & Management at IBM . Melvin is a proven leader with over two decades in Sales/Marketing and Executive Sales Management in the Information Technology Industry. He departed IBM as the Director of Response Lead Management where...

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