Businesses need to be agile and efficient to capitalize on new opportunities. To capture those opportunities, IT organization must be able to pivot with the company as it changes business models and responds to dynamic demands.

The VersaStack solution from Cisco and IBM provides the ease, efficiency, and versatility needed to adapt to whatever users, applications, workloads, and initiatives demand. Transform IT infrastructure from a collection of inflexible and poorly integrated systems into a timely, flexible, automated, and secure application-centric infrastructure that can innovate at a fast pace to stay competitive.

These are the top 5 reasons VersaStack could be right for you.

  • Reason 1: Proven Solutions for Quick and Reliable Deployment– The VersaStack solution combines decades of thought leadership, experience, and expertise from Cisco and IBM with powerful data center computing, storage, networking, mobility, collaboration, analytics, and software technology from both companies to deliver the foundation of the modern data center.
  • Reason 2: Management Simplicity– VersaStack integrates best in-class components and management software into a solution that is ready to use as soon as it reaches the loading dock. Automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management capabilities simplify deployment and make it easy for IT staffs to operationally integrate bare-metal and virtual infrastructure resources to address complex, time-consuming, manual and compartmentalized processes.
  • Reason 3: Storage Efficiency and Optimization– VersaStack solutions are built with Spectrum Storage software. This industry-leading storage virtualization solution can pool and access new and existing storage systems, including all flash or disk.
  • Reason 4: Versatility– VersaStack provides a uniform approach to IT architecture with a well-characterized and documented shared pool of resources. With this flexible approach, you can support a variety of service-level agreements (SLAs) and business initiatives – from analytics private cloud, and high-performance applications to scale-out data centers and remote-office and branch-office (ROBO) deployments – with a single solution architecture and unifies management approach.
  • Reason 5: Foundation for Future Success– IBM and Cisco recognize that IT infrastructure connects the business to the people that matter most: users, customers, and suppliers. They continue to innovate their Global Services Alliance partnership so that everyone can have confidence that the IT technology is backed by comprehensive support.