[Career Opportunity] IT Services Manager

We’re searching for an energetic, and action-oriented leader to head up our IT consulting group. This management position is accountable for a group of client facing consultants. The head of consulting services is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of all consulting contracts as well as pre-sales engagements. This position will contribute to the development and execution of the company strategy. Primary Responsibilities Play [...]

[Career Opportunity] Marketing Manager Position

Job Description We are looking for a detailed and dedicated Marketing Manager to join our team in Addison, Texas for an in-office position. The Marketing Manager is responsible for executing e-mail and social media activities to generate leads to expand our B2B Reseller partner and customer base and increase our revenue by acquiring new customer accounts. Specific responsibilities include working with minimal supervision to leverage [...]

Clone a PowerHA node from another

First, this is NOT, an officially supported process so use at your own risk. Backstory. I had a customer that corrupted their rootvg contents on their standby node after loading some additional packages and application updates. Trying to remove corrupted some libraries. Unfortunately they did not clone or create a mksysb prior to performing these actions. So we created a clone from their primary PowerHA [...]

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Clear AI Vision Solution Inspects Weld Discontinuities In Real Time

Transcript:  All rail car manufacturers today use X-Ray technology to ensure quality welds within their rail tank cars.  But due to the extremely manual and time-consuming nature, the physical x-rays get damaged and scratched in the process. In addition, it takes hours to get all x-rays completed, developed, and back to the facility for review. The interpreter’s fatigue hampers their consistency. The pressure [...]

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Red Hat Ansible Workshop

April 15th | 1 PM CDT Clear Technologies Red Hat Ansible Workshop Join us April 15th as we take a deeper dive into how Red Hat Ansible amplifies the impact of IT professionals by automating repetitive inefficient task, streamlining IT leading to an increase in revenue. Below is a sample of what will be covered during the workshop. The workshop [...]

[Career Opportunity] IBM I Technical Specialist

Are you a self-starter and naturally a good problem solver?  Do you know there is only one right answer?  Are you a process oriented individual who excels at improving upon previously established norms?  Do you have an innate sense of urgency and consistently beat deadlines? If you are an approachable, well spoken individual capable of effective communication and detailed discussions with all levels of [...]

Welcome Mark Reynolds – New Director of Sales

Mark Reynolds Director, Sales Clear Technologies, Inc. 469-360-4083 mreynolds@cleartechnologies.net As Director of Sales, Mark’s mission will be to grow the reseller division at Clear Technologies.  A key focus for the team will be on new client acquisition, growing the existing client base, bringing on new strategic partners, and working with the other leaders to create new sales processes to keep up [...]

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Partner Spotlight – Measuring and Monitoring Software Usage

Are you struggling to manage your software license consumption? Do you have PVU, sockets or RVU licensing? Is your IBM software running in a virtual environment? The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a free tool created by IBM to help you measure and monitor software usage. ILMT is a mandatory tool for any company using IBM software in a complex environment, however, getting it [...]

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Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat's Ansible Automation helps organizations turn tough tasks into repeatable playbooks. Working in IT, you're likely doing the same tasks over and over. Ansible is a powerful IT automation and orchestration engine easy enough for everyone to use and powerful enough to automate the most complex, multi tear environments including cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many other IT needs. Designed [...]

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Make Hiring Easier and Improve Internal Communication

Hiring the right person for the right seat sounds easy. It’s not. It’s hard, it takes time, it takes patience, and it takes talking to a lot of people. Even then, there is risk. At Clear Technologies, we are unyielding in our search for the best people possible—great people who think like owners, are team driven, know how to get the job done, and have [...]

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